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The All New BAUER BG 11 H

Bauer3At this year’s CONEXPO, BAUER will introduce the all new BG 11 H for the first time. Drilling uncased deep boreholes stabilized by drilling fluid, or drilling cased boreholes with installing casings by the rotary drive or by a hydraulic casing oscillator. If Kelly drilling is your task, then BAUER’s Standard Line is your solution. The BAUER standard line machines are specifically adapted to no other purpose than Kelly drilling – and that perfectly.

You can expect superior BAUER performance and customary BAUER durability at affordable costs for aquisition and operation. How do we do it? By applying cutting edge technology, reduced to nothing less than the essentials.

The main features of the BG 11 H are:

  • Foldable mast for easy transport
  • Rigging and derigging from ground level possible
  • Optimized hydraulic installation for high energy efficiency
  • Superior performance
  • Easy and cost efficient to operate
  • Easy handling and easy maintenance
  • Various transportation options
  • Easily modified for various applications including Rathole drilling and Low Headroom configuration.

Make sure to visit the Bauer booth (Platinum Lot – 7038) for more information on the brand new BAUER BG 11 H!




Accelerating Growth and Success
BAUER-Pileco, Inc. is committed to providing exceptional customer service along with premium equipment. By offering traditional and individual financing solutions through our preferred lenders, Bauer actively supports the growth and success of your business. Bauer’s in-house financing experts understand the value of BAUER equipment and your goals as a business owner, chief financial officer and equipment manager. Talk to Bauer to find out how they can facilitate your investment and help you grow your business.

Financing Options*:
  • Loans
  • Conditional Sales Contracts
  • Finance Leases / Capital Leases
  • True Leases / Operate Leases with various purchase options
  • Project Financing

BAUER-Pileco’s dedicated financing experts know the importance of providing customized solutions to help customers skillfully manage equipment budgets, projects and balance sheets. Bauer help clients meet their financial goals while delivering a superior fleet of BAUER equipment and services.

Your benefits of working with a BAUER-Pileco financing expert:
  • Quick response time
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Individual financing solutions
  • Achieve greater liquidity
  • Enhance your options with existing and new lenders
  • Time savings

Allow BAUER-Pileco to accelerate the growth and success of your business by streamlining the financing process. Regardless of the project or scope of work, BAUER-Pileco can help you find the best solutions and financing options available.

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